Monday, March 28, 2011

Chart of the day is...., hourly candles.
OHMYLAWDWEALLGONNADIE! Gold's down a full TWENTY UNITED STATES DOLLARS because of...err, what was it again?...err...oh yeah, the Fed isn't going to run QE3. and that must be true because they said so and I read it in the newspaper. Well I had a good chortle about that one, but then again my sense of humour has always been a burden to me. Oh how I used to laugh after being fired by yet another dumbass boss in a badly tailored suit just because I couldn't help a) laughing at his suit or b) explaining his dumbassery to him in words that even he would understand.

BUT I DIGRESS! Yeah, gold's down this morning so don't forget to dump-panic-sell all those gold miners you have in your port selling at 6X earnings....after all, how could they possibly make money at $1.4K Au?* Y'all be having one of them there nice days now y'all.

*yes, that's irony