Friday, March 11, 2011

I know I shouldn't laugh too hard....

...what with my own portfolio and IKN Weekly recos taking a good whacking this morning as well, but I couldn't help having a rare old chortle when, out of the corner of my beady eye, I saw ECU Silver ( trading under a buck this morning.

After all the braindead squawking from the GATA pair Bill Murphy and Wistar Holt, after all the bullshit smoke'n'mirrors NRs out of the company in recent times, after all the paid shilling from Mexico Mike, the company can't escape the hard reality of the stock market indefinitely. And with silver wildly above $30 an ounce too...hoodathunkit, eh?

Go out and make good and bad trades in the market folks, just like me, just like others. But listen on just this company please; ECU Silver ( is the epitome of a stock that is constructed and exists for suckers. It has every single ingredient of the stock that greenhorns will gravitate towards and unless you actually learn about the ways of the market and move beyond your initial positive conclusions for (and others like it) by understanding earnings reports and how financials affect results, you'll always be stuck at stage one of your personal learning curve and never make it as a successful investor in mining stocks. That's all.