Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gary and Minefinders (MFN)

What i like about Gary BiiWii is that he's nobody's fool, stands his corner and follows no track but his own. Your humble scribe and the BiiWii dude often bicker about differences (after all, he is a freakin' charty) but on the odd occasion when he and I agree on a subject, or more importantly a stock, it's a signal I take very seriously indeed.

We came to a view on Minefinders (MFN) ( a while back at almost the same time, he coming from his starting point and this humble corner of cyberspace from its own murky world of spreadsheets and mumbojumbo. But we called it the same. And so far......well, go see Gary's chart and his words for yourself.

Moral: Do like me and associate yourself with way smart people, because it makes you look far more intelligent than you actually are. DYODD.