Friday, April 8, 2011

IKN recommends: A new blog on junior miners and metals

For those of you itching to get more interwebnetpipes words written on mining, the markets, gold, silver and all things tradery, there's a new blog in town that looks quite good (i.e. better than the crummy corner of cyberspace you're reading at the moment, at least). Called Yukon Cornelius's Silver And Gold it does nice overview posts, links to interesting articles and the dude that's running it (I have no idea who he might be and I'm only assuming "he" from the blog name) obviously knows his way around the block and his observations are not only smart but backed up by evidence.  Perhaps most importantly he's actively encouraging comments from readers (unlike IKN) so you get to be part of the conversation and should benefit more accordingly. He's also kind enough to have linked to IKN (which is how I found out about the blog, fwiw) but that's beside the point.

I've put Yukon Cornelius's Silver And Gold on my RSS today and I've also added it to the links over there on the right. I encourage all readers into the metals market and junior miners to go over and check out this young and promising-looking space. Here's the link again, just to make sure.