Monday, April 4, 2011

It's a pretty quiet day at the office, so...

...let's break the tedium by having a good laugh at Wistar Holt, Mexico Mike Kachanovsky and all the GATA idiots for backing the dog of all dogs, ECU Silver ( and shamelessly pumping the stock while on the company payroll. I mean, how you you like your charts?

Five day?

Year to date?
12 month?
5 years?

How anyone can take these idiots seriously is beyond me. You get paid to promote the worst silver company out there (I nearly said 'silver producer' there, but even admits it doesn't fall under that category) for years on end, watch it do worse than nothing all this time and still have the brass neck to tell your flocks it's only a matter of time...and any minute now....and now's not the time to give up. Utter charlatans, the lot of you.