Sunday, April 10, 2011

Peru Presidential Election: The 6pm "Rapid Count" result

This is NOT the official result, as those don't start dripping out of Peru's official ONPE body until 8pm and will take at least a couple of days to come through. What this chart shows is the results of the so-called "rapid count" survey done by polling company Ipsos/Apoyo that takes certain voting booths that have been shown to be bellweathers over the years and quickly counts up the scores in those. The "Rapid Count" vote has shown itself to be a fairly accurate gauge of the final results over the years (though with a couple of exceptions, must be said). Anyway, here's how the rapid count survey looks:

With over 3% of gap between herself and 3rd place PPK, it looks near certain that Keiko Fujimori will now be the opponent of Ollanta Humala in the second round vote set for June. And that's all she wrote.