Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spanish slang: Today's word is "pepera"

In Peru, the concept of the 'pepera girls' or 'chicas peperas' is well-established. For a bit of background on the subject, check out this post over at 'life in peru' that comes with this extract:

"....chicas peperas are girls that.............. get guys to buy them a drink, or bring the guys a drink themselves (servers typically don’t wear uniforms, so you don’t know). Next thing the poor guy knows is when he wakes up in the middle of the Plaza de Armas…
  • Where’s my wallet?
  • Where’s my cellphone?
  • Where are my clothes? What happened? (continues here)

So you would have thought that all the gringo companies and foreign places of employment would have warned all staff about the pepera concept by now. Not so, apparently, as The United States Embassy in Lima is today featured heavily in local press for this story (translated from this article, click through for the embedded video):

Staff Member of the US Embassy Assaulted by Peperas
The man invited two women to his apartment that he had contacted via the internet. Police urge users not to be surprised in the same way.

The desire to have a moment of pleasure and fun cost a staff member of the US Embassy in Lima dearly, as he was a victim of 'peperas' he had contacted by internet.

Investigations note that the man entered the website "", chose to chat with a woman and later invited her to his house along with a friend of hers. The women surprised the functionary by spiking his drink with drugs to make him sleep.

Once the US staff member was asleep, the thieves stole everything they could: a laptop computer, cellular phones, cash, jewelryt and cameras.

Police Colonel Óscar González Rabanal, director of Divinat (high tech crimes division) asked internet users to be more cautious in using these adult websites and take necessary security precautions.

Hey wow, isn't it just the wildest surprise to find that the US State Dept employs utter dumbasses with too many hormones, no common sense, zero street cred or any idea of how foreign cultures operate in their overseas embassies?