Monday, July 4, 2011

Guatemala's Elections: Clean Polls, Dirty Politics

Thanks to a kind reader who remains nameless, IKN passes on this link to the International Crisis Group's June 16th report on the upcoming Guatemalan Presidential elections. Entitled "Guatemala's Elections: Clean Polls, Dirty Politics" it's an excellent job of work by the ICG and great background reading  material for anyone interested in how the vote is shaping up and what we can expect by way of results.

Meanwhile, since that report was released it's become uncertain whether second-in-running Sandra Torres will even make it to the ballot paper, as there's currently a court case, now at the country's highest court of law, that may stop her from running because of her deliberate divorce from her husband, Alvaro Colom, the country's current President, whilst opposition leader and ex-general Otto PĂ©rez Molina has stretched his lead in the polls to 42.5%. Confused? You won't be... after this week's episode of... BananaSoap.