Saturday, July 2, 2011

IKN recommends: LatIntelligence

Here's the link to LatIntelligence, a "serious" blog on LatAm political and economic affairs* that's existed in a very quiet manner for a couple of years, but in the last three or four months has picked up the pace of posts and is becoming a very decent read. Run by a certain Shannon O'Neill (biog link here that includes photo with nice smile...we like nice smiles), it doesn't have a strong political line to sell and its apparent neutrality is one of its best points. Also strong is the picking of individual cases that give a window to larger political and cultural issues, along with sober analysis of subject matter that shows O'Neill knows more about her subject that most.

IKN recos LatIntelligence to those who want to know more about how the region ticks. Here's the link again and as from today you'll also find it in the blogroll thingy over there on the right. Do like me and put it on your RSS.

*unlike your current port of call, but you should have realized that years ago