Thursday, July 14, 2011

Marin Katusa: Fact and fiction

This, from his latest heap of laughability linked here, is fiction. Your author highlights in red.

Investment Analyst Marin Katusa is the senior editor of Casey's Energy Report, Casey's Energy Opportunities and Casey's Energy Confidential. He left a successful teaching career to pursue what has proven an equally successful—and far more lucrative—career analyzing and investing in junior resource companies. With a stock pick record of 19 winners in a row—a 100% success rate last year—Marin's insightful research has made his subscribers a great deal of money. Using his advanced mathematical skills, he created a diagnostic resource market tool that analyzes and compares hundreds of investment variables. Through his own investments and his work with the Casey team, Marin has established a network of relationships with many of the key players in the junior resource sector in Vancouver. In addition, he is a member of the Vancouver Angel Forum, where he and his colleagues evaluate early seed investment opportunities. Marin also manages a portfolio of international real estate projects.

This, the chart of his Top Pick for 2010 Ram Power (, is fact:

That's Jan 1st 2010 to today, folks. Look like a winner to you?

My thanks to the many people who have sent in the above link to The Energy Report. Your humble scribe is heartened to note these days that there are more and more people calling BS on this snake-oil salesman. And as more than one of them noted in their mails, advanced math skills my ass. I know the BCSC is looking more closely too so here you go guys, he's now openly lying on his pump material and you can get him on that. DYODD