Tuesday, July 5, 2011

that for here or take out, madam?

Yep, this is the photo from the story. And it's not The Onion

Oh my stars, I adore Latin America. We're going to go with the EFE newswire version of this story, via Argentina's La Nacion, because it sums it up nicely and concisely. Translation, your author:

Woman Tries To Break Her Husband Out Of Jail In A Suitcase

Arjona Rivera, 19 years old and pregnant, visited a prisoner in a Mexican prison condemned to 20 years behind bars and at the end of her visit helped him hide in her luggage. On discovering him, the prison guards laughed.

Tuesday July 5th 2011
Cancun (EFE). - A man sentenced to over 20 years in prison for several crimes tried to escape from the Chetumal prison, in the Mexican State of Quintana Roo, doubled up like a contortionist in a fetal position inside a suicase that his wife tried to take out of the prison.

According to local police information today, the jailbreak attempt of Juan Ramirez Tijerina happened last Friday, when at the end of the conjugal visit of his wife, Maria del Mar Arjona Rivera, (he) tried to leave the jail carried inside a heavy and bulky suitcase.

The jail authorities said that after checking the suitcase and discovering the prisoner, the newlywed wife named Arjona Rivera, 19, who is currently pregnant, was detained while two other prisoners were put under investigation for apparently knowing about the escape plan.

The young woman had to be taken to a hospital emercency ward in Chetumal due to complications in the pregnancy generated by the tension of the days since her detention, but now her condition is stable, according to sources at the Chemabal prison. As soon as her medical condition allows, she will be taken again to the jail to be judged for the crime of false liberation of prisoners, they added.
Arjona Rivera was helped by other prisoners to take the suitcase out of the conjugal area, but on arriving at the custodial exit area it was seen that she had great difficulty in managing the luggage that supposedly only held dirty laundry, what's more the suitcase's wheels also broke.

Nerves got the better of the woman, who with resignation watched as guards opened the suitcase to find her husband, dressed only in underwear and socks.

The police that opened the suitcase went from amazement to uncontrollable laughter on seeing the man doubled up and holding his breath. The escape of prisoners is a minor offence and, according to local laws, the woman may be set free on payment of bail.