Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just tryin' to keep the customer satisfied, satisfied

I've been pretty interested in the new Latinobarómetro press release this morning that the dudes there published yesterday in light of this weekend's Presidential election in Peru. It takes the 2010 data compiled by Latinobarómetro and mostly compares LatAm to Peru on plenty of different criteria. Highly reco'd to Spanish speaking readers (click here to get your own copy) but here I'd like to focus in on one of the main criteria featured, that of "life satisfaction".

When asked (translated), "In general terms, how satisfied are you with your life? Would you say that you are a) Very satisfied b) Quite satisfied c) Not very satisfied d) Not at all satisfied" the answers that called "very satisfied" and "quite satisfied" added together as follows:

(quick note: there was no survey taken in 2002).

So Peruvians are plenty under the regional average and score consistently low over time, as well. Seems to me that all this economic growth hasn't managed to make it to the poor...strange that, innit? And just to give that more context, here's the LatAm-wide results for 2010, with the percentage score of each country's satisfaction with life given (lowest Bolivia 52%, highest Costa Rica 86%)

By the way, don't tell Fox News who's in third joint second (rightly corrected by reader). Well on second thoughts you can, cos they'd never report it anyway.