Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Evangelizing Lungs of the Earth

One of the benefits of running a blog about LatAm issues that's been around a while and has (for reasons not really understood by this humble scribe) built up a chunky readership, is that we get to point you away from the mediocrity and crud of IKN and toward new, quality blogs and sites. Well folks, it's time to say that new destination for Brazil enviro matters, Lungs of the Earth, is the number one best new blog I've seen in a long long time. This call is made on its last two posts which are both superb reading material.

This post is dated Saturday August 20th and is all about how wind power is competing and beating traditional electricity generation methods on a level playing field. No government subsidies, no skewing the math, Brazil's wind power generators are now in the position to compete directly against the coal burners and win contracts because of one simple fact: They're cheaper

This post is dated Monday August 22nd and covers what people do, or don't do, with all the waste generated by the enormous coconut juice industry in Rio. A fascinating look behind the scenes and at a businessperson who's trying to make the recycling of coconut husks into a profit-making sector, which also shows how local politicos and established businesses are more of a hindrance than a  help.

So make Lungs of the Earth part of your reading life, kind visitor to IKN. Not only is it written by somebody who knows what they're talking about, it's beautifully written prose as well. Top quality blog at your disposition.