Friday, August 19, 2011

Portage Resources ( versus East Asia Minerals (EAS.v) versus Gold ETF (GLD) versus Silver ETF (SLV)

Here's a chart that starts on June 15th 2011. That date is chosen because it's basically the day that the criminal bullshit pump and dump operation kicked off on Portage Resources ( Since that time:

1) We saw the pump and then the dump, classic pattern, sheep shorn, scumbags run away with the money. is now down 47% from the start point.

2) Meanwhile, gold (GLD) and silver (SLV) are both showing decent gains.

3) But strangely East Asia Minerals (EAS.v), the recommendation of Casey Research's Louis James he first called in May 2011 and has seen its reco refreshed on several occasions since then, is down even more than In fact EAS.v has dropped 65% in the same time as the POTG pump and dump has been operating (it's also down 78.6% since that original Lobito reco in May).

Now I dunno what to make of all this, but perhaps there's a market lesson to be learned here?