Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The main Hathor ( question

I'm not that bothered about whether there's a competing offer right now, because the main issue about HAT at Roughrider is the value of the asset, not the movers'n'shakers doing their stuff. We all know that the board of Hathor ( will oppose the Cameco ( (CCJ) cash offer when it publishes its NR (in the next few hours) but what main reason will they put forward? I mean, they have the opportunistic angle, they have the Fukushima angle, but I think the main reason is that the scoping study due out in the next couple of weeks is going to wow the audience and make the asset value of HAT looks miles ahead of the CCJ offer.

Fundies will out in the end. DYODD dudes, cos I'm long this at $3.90 and a few at $3.97, position opened in the days since the CCJ offer came in (fwiw the buy was called in IKN121, last Sunday).

Then there's the FIS.v question of course....