Monday, August 15, 2011

That Bloomberg freebie offer thing

It turns out that the freebie offer from Bloomberg for its 'Bloomberg Government' service we ran over the weekend was more popular than this humble scribe thought it'd be, so to give all you hard-working cubicle population type people a chance to hook up, get your free live demo and impress your boss into giving you a raise in a few weeks' time, here it is again. As before read the Blurb below then click and sign up, 100% free stuff and no obligations, no sensitive numbers required etc etc.

Bloomberg Government: Business Implications of Government Action
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"Bloomberg Government: Business Implications of Government Action"
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Bloomberg Government is the single source for professionals who need to understand the business impacts of government actions so they can work quickly, decisively and effectively. This comprehensive, subscription-based, online tool collects best-in-class data, provides high-end analysis and analytic tools, and delivers deep, reliable, timely and unbiased reporting from a team of more than 2,300 journalists and multimedia specialists worldwide.
Geographic Eligibility: USA, Canada, United Kingdom
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