Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Venezuela gold news

Yes, your author has watched the newsflow on the Chávez "nationalize it" for the gold sector and yes, thanks to all for sending me over reports and suchlike, it's always greatly appreciated.

However somebody who's done the real strong legwork here is Setty, so go over to his new post right now because he reports on what Andre Agapov of Rusoro (RML.v) thinks of the whole deal. It starts like this:

Rusoro says no worries as Venezuela moves against gold miners

Venezuela’s only private-sector gold miner says it has nothing to worry about after President Hugo Chavez says he will nationalize the gold mining sector.
It’s “not a concern for us at all,” Andre Agapov, president and CEO of Rusoro Mining, said late yesterday in a phone interview. “This is all to do with illegal mining activities, nothing else.”

Now go read the rest, cos there's tons of information waiting for you. Great stuff Settydude, chapeau.