Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Here's the big question: Where in the world is this?

Here's a clue: A lot of people think this is still an exploration stage company and they're dead wrong.

Answers on a postcard please to
Otto Rock
Third cubicle along (wide stance)
 Minneapolis - St. Paul Intl Airport

Or if you prefer, the usual mail address. First out of the bag gets to see their initials and their answer stuck on an update just below these words. Fame awaits thee!

UPDATE, one hour later: You can stop now folks, because we got a winner within three minutes (i kid you not) of this post going up. Congrats to the quickdraw reader known to the world as Nowhuffo because that was lightning fast, dude. Nowhuffo correctly identified that photo as Rio Alto (RIO.v) at its La Arena property in Peru.