Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Peru: The penny is beginning to drop...

...amongst the smarter end of the anal yst community that Peru is going to keep on keeping on being miner-friendly (and biz friendly and FDI friendly for that matter) during the course of the new Ollanta Humala government. The savvier anal ysts out there, such as Mike Bandrowski of Clarus this morning who wrote these two paragraphs below, will in this way get the drop on their peers and leave the dumbasses like Louis Lobito James of Casey Research (who last week called Ollanta "rabid"), in the veritable dust. Here's Bandrowski of Clarus:
"Peru’s foreign debt rating was increased to BBB from BBB- by Standard & Poor’s on signs President Ollanta Humala will continue policies that made Peru one of the fastest growing economies. Note that the increase puts Peru above both Brazil and Colombia.

"Since taking office last month, Humala has pledged to honour previous contracts, spur private investment and implement a fair and equitable mining tax regime. According to Mines and Energy Minister Carlos Herrera, the Peruvian government is hoping to wrap up negotiations with mining companies and define a new tax this week. Many industry leaders are expecting the new tax regime to mirror that of Chile."

DYODD, dudettes and dudes.