Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Peru's "Law of Popular Consultation" due to be debated in Congress today

Now things are beginning to settle in at the newly formed den of corruption known as Peru's national congress, it's time to get to work (or justify the congress members excessive salaries and expense accounts anyway).

Due up for debate and approval today Tuesday is the so-called "Law of Popular Consultation" that gives the right of approval to local residents about any natural resource extraction project in their regions (mining, hydrocarbons, etc). This law, based largely on the OIT169 international accord to which Peru is already a signatory but has never truly implemented, was passed during the García regime but the President refused to sign it into law. This time around, with Humala at the helm and enough cross-party agreement on this deal seemingly in place, it looks like becoming law.

Here's a quote about the deal from Gana Perú party (Ollanta's crew) spokesperson Freddy Otorola:
"We cannot govern behind people's backs and the only way to consolidate democracy is listen to the people".

Translation: If mining companies don't play nice, they're out. Sadly, the dumbass treehuggers at MiningWatch now think all their Christmasses and birthdays have come at once.