Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shougang Peru on strike

Those upstart worker people want more money? How dare they! In our day we 'ad to walk 6 miles t'd pit, work 18 hours a day AND pay the owner for permission to come to work, bah gum.

Here's Reuters (translated):
August 31st 09:51am
Production at the mining company Shougang Hierro Perú (Shougang Iron Peru) is currently stopped this Wednesday due to an indefinite strike by its workforce, according to general manager, Raúl Vera.
Shougang Hierro Perú. controlled by the Shougang Group of China, is the only producer of iron ore in the country and has its mine in the southern Ica region.
"The company is not producing in light that the workers have down tools...we are waiting for word from the ministry of labour for a meeting", said Vera in a telephone conversation with Reuters.
Workers have gone on strike to demand better pay and working conditions, a union leader told Reuters.

UPDATE: Next time I won't bother translating, as ten minutes later here's an EngLang Reuters note on the story.