Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The most interesting bit in Bear Creek Mining's (BCM.v) 2q11 report

The Bear Creek (BCM.v) 2q11 was filed today and the best bit is right here
In August 2011, the Company reached an agreement with land owners and occupants at the Corani project to acquire all remaining surface rights access needed for mine operations as identified in the Prefeasibility Study for the Corani project. The Company expects that additional surface rights access agreements will be required to conduct mine operations as defined in the Corani feasibility study, which is expected to be completed in Q4 2011.

In other words, since the rumbles and problems at Santa Ana, BCM has been active community-wise at its much larger Corani project and reached some pretty significant agreements with them, too. So much for the illogical fears up North about BCM losing Corani to unhappy locals. We can perhaps also infer from the above paragraph that the FFS is going to grow Corani even more.