Monday, September 29, 2008

A country deserves the government it has

Feliz Salmon sums up the US House's decision to reject Plan Paulson with his headline "Oh Shit".

The Dow:
The USA really is governed by very, very stupid people. Just remember who voted for them. But one thing they don't realize is how much they're going to be loved down here after today:

The Bovespa (down 13.7% and dropping fast)
The Merval (down 9.8% and dropping fast)
So when the next round of job losses hit Latin America and the locals protest against the economic model that followed the USA and promised prosperity and all that, don't start blaming people for rejecting its politics, too. All in all, it's a good job you guys up there still have all those nuclear bombs, because otherwise nobody would take you seriously any more.

I know what the US citizenry's comment on the side-effects coming the LatAm is going to be too.

"We don't care."

And that, dear reader, just about sums it all up.