Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Snippety stuff

Shame about the boat race (better photos found on link below)

Peru is about to start the third and final phase of its U$24m program that innoculates 9m of its citizens aged between 9 and 19 years old against Hepatitis B. It may be a small program, but it deserves a shoutout. If only the other Peruvian gov't offices could use so little cash as effectively as MINSA. Good job, people.

As an example of how Peru's gov't wastes money, nine members of its congress are going on a bunfest to Chile this week, and they are claiming an average of U$370 for the airline tickets alone. I've just checked online and I can easily get on that plane for U$238 return, Lima-Santiago-Lima. Yet another example of their time-honoured "two for you one for me" expense account doctrine. You think Peru is changing? Gimme a break!

In Ecuador, Kinross now owns more than 90% of Aurelian stock, and compulsory purchase it about to happen. It's all over, folks.

In Bolivia, the Unasur commission headed by an Argentine lawyer and charged with investigating the Pando massacre has arrived on site. The United Nations high commissioner to the region, Vegard Bye, has pledged the UN's assistance.

Maria Telpuk is now in Miami and will take the stand soon (currently slated for Thursday or Friday, but you know how these things are) in the Antonini Wilson suitcase soap opera. If she says the same things she said last week in front of the Argentine courts, expect her to punch very large and embarrassing holes in lardass's testimony. Link for photos.

PS: Otto's Songs now has 20 music videos collected.