Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Notes From The Rabbit Hole

I'm now going to recommend that you spend money at biiwii.com. Gary, owner of biiwii, has finally, FINALLY done what he should have done a long time ago. He's starting up his own subscription newsletter service, called "Notes From The Rabbit Hole." He's just published a free trial copy, and you can get yours on this link right here.

I'm really happy that he's finally taken the plunge on this (I egged him on earlier in the year but as he was still undecided I let it drop). The dude is a very fine technical analyst, and has his head screwed on about the fundamental side of things, too. He's going to charge U$26 per month for the newsletter, which is a real bargain considering it's a weekly newsletter, it gets supplemented with alert specials at any given moment and also most importantly knowing what Gary is capable of quality-wise. It's worth mentioning that he's asked me to write a NOBS report on a company of his choice once a month (I get a free sub that way, and he's even paying me a small cover for each one, too) and that'll be fun, too.

So hightail it over to biiwii now, and find out more. Pick up your free copy of NFTRH (here's the link again, so you have no excuse) and I hope you'll make yourself a client of Gary. and support this value-packed initiative. He'll make you a better investor via this service, of that I have no doubt.