Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Away from the market turmoil, Guatemala has good news

Yesterday the Guatemalan Constitutional Court, the highest of the high and the final place where appeals can be made, did the right thing and upheld all the judgments made against the running of Sandra Torres for President (recall, this is the opportunist wife of current Pres Colom that divorced her husband to try and get around rules that stopped her from running). She has no place left to run, to plead or to get a favourable ruling. It's over, fat lady has sung.

Guatemala's next President, Otto Perez Molina, isn't my cup of tea at all but it's good to see the country uphold the rule of law and have its judiciary buckle (as has often been the case) under the political pressure, in this case from the country's first couple divorced though they may be. A good day for Guatemala and a step taken away from its Banana Republic reputation.

UPDATE: The Economist blog has a decent and even-handed piece on today's news here.