Saturday, August 6, 2011

Entertaining, educating and edifying things to read this weekend

Juanita Jean goes into Texas Gov. Rick Perry's academic record and finds mediocrity all over the place, apart from the bits that involve animal husbandry and guns. And it's not as if his mediocrity came up against Yale or Harvard students either, as JJ points out:
"Y’all, this is Texas A&M, where they had to rename the town of Bryan to College Station so that the college students would know where to get off the train."
Multiple guffaws await you over at Juanita Jean's today.

Market Narrative wonders why your humble scribe doesn't whack into Century Mining (CMM.v) any longer. The answer's that, like Metanor (MTO.v), there's little in the way of challenge but Market Narrative makes a wonderpost on CMM.v himself. You gotta love the linkslist he put together on the CMM news releases. More hearty yoks.

Kid Dynamite does the heavy lifting, reads through the chatter about S&P's US ratings downgrade and puts together all the things you need to know in one easy-to-read post.

Jesse's Café Américain runs a posts entitled "Here Comes the 'Freedom To Invest Act'" and points out the lexicon fun. "As a general rule of thumb, any law in America that contains the word 'Freedom' or 'Patriot' in its title is brazenly promoting a crime, or a fraud, or some self serving corruption of the common good." True dat.