Friday, August 12, 2011

The Friday OT: New Order; True Faith (two versions)

This the original 1987 malarkey and it's so great as a pop song that it sticks in your windpipe and goes "ugh ugh i'm not worthy really not". The musicianship combined with the velvet voice stands up to anything new out here 24 years (!OMG!) later. The video is high 80s farce of course, great to look back upon with a smile. The tune is just amazing no matter what the screen shows. Please, play very very loud.

Then as IKN loves you as if you were its own children, you also get this recording of the same awesomeness of a band called New Order (cool bandname in itself) running the same song 20 years after its birth (2008 Glasgow Scotland). It shows just how a track can morph and change over the years. Like fine wine, mellowing and more subtle with age.

Same damned cool velvet voice though, same wonderful delivery, same crowd-wowing result. Enjoy them both (top one 1st, bottom one 2nd...respect chronology, dude).