Friday, August 5, 2011

I've just bought some of this

A quick trade planned for this admittedly small chunk that won't be included as part of any core holding.

The drop was just too tempting and I've had cash on the sidelines for this kind of reason. DYODD.

UPDATE: Added more, not so small a chunk now. Worth saying out loud here something that I whack subbers over the head with all the time: I'm not a great very-short-term trader and my timing often sucks. However I do know value when I see it and sometimes...well, you just gotta stop the jawing and put your hard-earned where your mouth is.

UPDATE 2: Yup, my timing sucks. I'll live.

UPDATE 3: Hey, not so bad. Please ignore update 2 (that happened when FVI dipped under 5). Methinks the market is rallying on thoughts of next week's FOMC. By the way, the single most fascinating stock out there, for me at least, is Stillwater (SWC). No position in that one but I'd love to be a fly on the wall of that boardroom these last 48 hours.

UPDATE 4: This received from reader "B", a market professional, about the above comment on Stillwater (SWC):
Agree with you.. Stillwater is extremely interesting down here. It’s ridiculously cheap trading at base metals multiples for a largely platinum group metals producer; especially one outside of South Africa with all those labour and power issues driving costs up.
The deal with Peregrine is locked in that SWC has 0 outs, aside from walking away and getting sued, but management has no intention of doing that.  
It’d be crazy if Xstrata or someone came in and scooped up SWC for $18… but my gut tells me nothing happens and the deal goes through as planned.
Once they drill up Peregrine in Q4/11 I think the market will like what they see and the stock (SWC) will see big gains.

UPDATE 5: Closed the trade, taken the neat little profit. The end