Wednesday, August 10, 2011

IKN recommends: Lungs of the Earth

A brand new blog is on the scene and I want you, dear and kind reader, to visit it, read it, make it part of your weblife, stick it on your RSS, bookmark it or whatever you do personally to get regular on a blog.

It's called Lungs of the Earth and it's written by cuasecarioca (a nom de plume that roughly translates as 'nearly Brazilian'). The subject of the blog is environmentalism in the Amazon/Brazil BUT before you get the wrong impression, it's not all head-in-the-clouds treehugging. No, this is a real world view of environmental and sustainability issues, perhaps best summed up by cuasecarioca in this excerpt:

"Encouraging sustainability requires reinforcing the idea that wasteful consumption costs money and rejecting the idea that changing our behavior will require us to give up the things we love to do. It is not about putting nature or polar bears or spotted owls above human beings, it’s about rethinking consumption decisions so we can focus more on people"

So here today is a great example of what will get offered up on the blog. The post is called "Soy and cows destroy the Amazon? So do cars and washing machines..." which looks at some of the shady aspects of Brazil's pig iron industry. It's a fascinating read because it's written by someone who really knows what they're talking about.

Go visit Lungs of the Earth today. If not, find the link as of today over there on the right, part of the blogroll.