Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One news source per country

On more than one occasion, usually after getting a mailed in question on the subject, it's occurred to me to try and nail down one single news source for each country in South America, one per country (all homegrown and all Spanish or Portuguese language of course) that can be relied upon as good news sources, not too biased one way or the other. 

So today's the day and here's a list. Some are good (Nacion Arg, Folha Braz, Semana Col), others are ok I suppose (Tercera Chile, Razón Bol) and others best of a bad lot and just about acceptable (ABC Color Parag, Comercio Peru) but we're not after perfection here, just something that gets as close as possible to unbiased news and reporting. Here's the list:
Argentina: La Nacion
Bolivia: La Razón
Brazil: Folha de S. Paulo
Colombia: Semana
Chile: La Tercera
Ecuador: El Comercio (Ecuador)
Paraguay: ABC Color
Peru: El Comercio (Peru)
Uruguay: El Pais
Venezuela: Noticias24

This little list will move across to a separate links category as of tomorrow.