Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Roadmap day three (the end)

We did well on Monday with the roadmap as set out in IKN118 (published Sunday). Then we did well yesterday Tuesday with that day's call. So now it's time to check out day three and to do so, here's the whole thing (so that I don't have to bore you with another one of these posts tomorrow):

Result? WE FAIL
  • Calmer? Nope

  • Large issue stocks nibbled at: Well yes we got that right I suppose (remember we don't give a fig about banks or GOOG or XOM or SBUX, our focus in The IKN Weekly is strictly hard rock mining) but it was hardly "nibbling" and more like full scale gluttony with ABX, GG, NEM etc etc all up on above average volumes

  • Juniors ignored? Fail, with lots of the ones we follow putting in great looking gains.

So we can wrap this series up with a whimper rather than a bang, but it's tough to complain too much when your portfolio has had a great winning day. As you can see above, Thurs and Fri don't count.