Monday, August 1, 2011

Move over Jane Fonda, Hugo haz teh workout video

Hugo Chávez may be about to go bald on us all (chemotherapy and all that), but he's not planning on slowing down. Via a headsup from Russ Dallen over at BBO Financial, here's the LAHT on the Chávez workout video, in the shops now, phone now, satisfaction guaranteed or we'll refund your money in full, no quibbles.

CARACAS – Venezuelan state television showed Saturday new pictures of President Hugo Chavez wearing sports togs and doing exercises together with some of his officials while commenting on government issues.

The video footage, edited and set to music, shows an enthusiastic Chavez directing the physical exercises of his ministers, who lift hands and legs along with the president as he talks about the need for healthy routines.

Oh my stars, how I love South America. Anyway the report continues here